Some good news about the medical office assistant certification program

Perhaps you’ve only prepared yourself for an administrative career.

Your current circumstances, taking into account realistic expectations, may not allow you to go any further than a desk job or reception desk.

Some of you may still be dreaming of the nursing profession or even becoming a doctor one day. At Lake Tahoe Community College in Lake Tahoe, California, you have a great opportunity to begin your administrative working life with two, not just one, medical office assistant certification (MOA) programs.  Let’s emphasize this once more; the MOA programs will be preparing you for purely administrative work, so if you’ve limited yourself to this for now, all you need do next is register with Lake Tahoe CC.

You can begin your studies with their certificate program and take advantage of enhancing your acquired administrative skills – data entry, computer file management, and math – and then build on them further for the medical profession by learning about the intricate processes of medical coding and the terminology that goes with it.

Don’t let your training start and end with just one certificate. After on the job experience, you could return to the college and enroll for an advanced MOA degree. This should also help you decide whether you will be cut out for further studies and work experienced in a specialized field.

By the time you’ve finally decided that, yes, you want to become a nurse or doctor, you will have acquired a whole host of essential skills which will only aid you better when you take your medical studies journey further. Alternatively, you may not be thinking of this calling and may be thinking in terms of business and/or hospital administration management.

Either way, think of Lake Tahoe’s MOA programs as ideal stepping stones for advancing your career.